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Running Jokes in Arrested Development This is the second graphic of this type that I’ve seen this semester and I’m really curious how they made the interactive elements. I even have to doubt whether they use any specific software to generate this interactive graphic because I’ve … Continue reading

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Here is Today This interactive graphic is so interesting!! Just hit the ok button and play with it. Then you’ll see how short life is. Enjoy today as the first day of the rest of your life!

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How long is the average dissertation? As I’m still struggling with my graduate paper, I found this very interesting graphic from a WordPress blog. The blogger himself was also procrastinating on his own dissertation. So when people asked him  how many pages he left, he was not sure how … Continue reading

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Spotting a Hidden Handgun

After the New Orleans shooting during the Mother’s Day parade, I found this info graphic done by the New York Times to be beneficial for readers to educate themselves on how to point out possible gunmen. This graphic was made … Continue reading

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Living like Gatsby

With the new Great Gatsby flick out, noted internet researcher and artist, Nickolay Lamm, came up with this pretty cool graphic illustrating how much money Gatsby would need to live in the modern day, and what kind things he’s spending … Continue reading

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Summer Movie Ticket Sales

  With summer coming up and many great movies getting released this summer, I wanted to find a graphic that address that and that is just what the LA Times did. They compared the summer season with others seasons as … Continue reading

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Iphone vs Android

This post I found to be very cool and interesting especially since I, too, have done research on the differences between Iphones and Androids. I thought this graphic could have been pretty simple to make, and looks like something similar … Continue reading

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